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One great thing about using Growbot compared to other methods is that you never have to give us your password! The bot works within instagram. However, you must leave the instagram window open, or Growbot will stop doing it's job. If you're not currently using Growbot it is safe to close instagram. Find an account which is similar to yours or that you think their followers will want to follow your account too.

If you're a bar, find a bar in your neighborhood that is similar. If it seems to not unfollow anyone, please check the Log located on the bottom right, smaller screens like laptops may need to collapse the options above to see it. Instagram limits the amount of accounts which can be followed in a given time period. Their limits are not completely known and could change at any time, and can vary from account to account. A limit is very common. The bot will automatically wait 1 minute before trying again. It can take between 1 and 15 minutes to clear, usually. A hard limit is hit less often, but lasts much longer, usually at least 12 hours, sometimes up to 48 hours.

Note: if you constantly experience hard rate limit when following, please check that you are following less than people. Instajool is noteworthy for its wide-ranging accessibility. That means it has been optimized for nearly every type of web browser. It also works with any mobile device you can imagine. First you give them the names of the rival accounts within your niche. Instabow is one of the best tools when it comes to automating your Instagram posts.

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You can upload your content straight from Dropbox, add captions with full emoji and hashtag support , and then schedule it for whatever date you wish on their drag-and-drop calendar planner. It can even post Instagram Stories. Instabow also allows for multiple Instagram accounts to be managed under the same login, so you can shift between them with ease.

Instamber lets you build your own automation suite as you see fit.

Instagram Bots on the Market Today

They have four modules to pick and choose from: an Instagram bot that handles likes, follows, and comments; a direct message sender that can greet new followers and send out bulk DMs; a comment manager that merges all comments you receive on your posts into a single interface; and an advanced post scheduler with options to draft, delay, and watermark your posts. InstaVast is another tool where you can pay for each group of features separately.

Important News on Automation

Their selection is very similar to Instamber, and so is the pricing for each service. They also have a variety of other free tools on their website. This tool helps you gain real growth through automating your Instagram actions by liking and following your target audience. Follow Adder features a powerful search tool that allows you to get the most out of their bot. You can also target accounts that are similar to yours by actively engaging with their audience to get them to follow your account instead. The FollowAdder software also allows you to schedule posts, which is a huge plus over a lot of the other bots out there.

Check out the 7 day money back guarantee. There is no online interface.


Instato provides excellent customer service, and safety is also ensured via a dedicated proxy. Jarvee is actually quite similar to quite a few other bot services out there because it enables you to retain a lot of the control. Jarvee is Instagram software that you download onto your laptop or desktop, utilizing the user-friendly dashboard to implement your engagement. We also like that Jarvee offers a five day trial for free so that you can try before you buy. Ingramer is another one of those companies on our list that are honest about what they do.

This transparent Instagram bot claims to be the most effective Instagram assistant — assistant being the operative word. Combin implements the software that you need to build your Instagram engagement successfully. Not only can they grow it efficiently, but they can also do it naturally and safely too, two things that you always want to try and look for in an Instagram marketing company.

Combin combines the best of both worlds and uses both advanced Instagram searches and their search analysis strategies to target the right audience for your account. Kicksta is even easier than Social Sensei to sign up to — in fact all you need to get on board with them is your email address. Using the conventional method of interacting with accounts and people that they think will be interested in your page, they build up your popularity gradually to help you achieve big-picture Instagram goals. They do this through their organic app so that the people who interact with your page are genuinely there because they like what they see.

Additionally, they claim to be able to grow your Instagram by as many as new followers per month.

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Firestrike is an Instagram bot that you want on your side. It allows you to set your Instagram engagement on autopilot so that you can clear up your schedule to focus on other important aspects of your brand or business.

83+ Best Instagram Bots for Getting More Instagram Followers in 12222

We also like that they are very upfront and transparent about how they work. They also include a number of advanced features to make their overall service even more enticing.

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The positive reviews on their website say it all. As well as having features that include audience targeting and post scheduling, Boostgram has the option of trying their service for three days, completely free of charge. Another bold Instagram bot, BigBangram takes pride in the extensive services they have on offer. Instagram Bot Follower is as upfront and honest about what they are as anybody is in the industry — they are an Instagram bot, and they make the most of automation so that your Instagram is put in front of the right people.

Not only does Instagram Bot Follower help by managing your account for you, but they can also implement this service across more than just one Instagram. Their automatic app allows you to wash your hands of the menial work and get on with the fun, exciting parts of your company and brand. Like with the rest of these companies, Instamber offers a free three-day trial. They also say that they use sophisticated targeting techniques to make sure only people who are interested in your content are heading to your page.

This is because they provide you with a live demonstration of how their service works so that you can see whether it is going to suit your branding and content or not. They also have someone that you can message through a chatbox should you have any further questions about what they do. They even have a virtual personal assistant that can help you with anything, as well as understanding exactly which direction you want to take your Instagram in.

To start off with, you can check out their free three-day trial by logging in with your Instagram details and seeing how they really work. Gramflare says on their website that they currently work with as many as clients, an impressive number. They also have advanced features like a welcome message for new followers and unlimited growth. Like a few other bots on our list, AutoGramBot is a tool that is prepared to be upfront and honest about what they offer from the get-go. Social Upgrade is an Instagram marketing service that uses natural, organic marketing techniques to bring the right traffic to your Instagram and its content.

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This is a company that you need if you want genuine Instagram growth. They also have a money back guarantee for when you do sign up for them. Gold Nitro also has positive reviews on other third party review companies out there, which bodes well for them. Insta Vast is appropriately named because it might be the company out there that has the most features.

From basic to advanced, they cover everything you could need from Instagram software to make sure that your engagement is operating at an optimal level. Not only do you get the typical commenting, liking and following features, but you also get other features like direct messaging and unfollowing, too. Kenji is the Instagram bot that tells it like it is, which is a bot that you want on your side when it comes to your Instagram marketing.

Like with Insta Vast and many other companies on this list, you can check out Kenji for free with their three-day trial. They automatically engage with people who may be interested in your content, bringing people to your page that you can turn into loyal customers. Managed Social not only takes advantage of their Instagram growth service to market your account, but they also think that seeking advice from professionals in the engagement industry is worth doing.

Managed Social uses automated software that makes sure only the right people see your content.



The Sara Agency is all about bringing you fast, efficient engagement that can boost your following and credibility in no time. There are many companies out there that could get shut down by Instagram in the future at some point, but not Instaboomer Social. They want to be around to implement your engagement. Instaboomer Social lets you tell them what you need from their service, as well as offering a message box where you can talk to someone if you have any further questions.