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The program also supplies specs—including drive model, firmware version, and serial number, all perfect when calling for warranty support.

You can read about the product by looking at a Google cache. The tool will show you the number of hours logged on your hard drive and give you its health status. Yet drives often make weird sounds—thuds, screeches, knocking, or whining — and determining if a sound means trouble can be, well, troubling.


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DataCent , a data-recovery company, has an extraordinarily helpful site that plays the actual sounds of flaky hard drives: stuck spindles, bad or unstable heads, bad bearings, and bad media, to name a few. You can listen to your specific drive brand, too. Even better, the data recovery company lists typical drive failures by manufacturer. Listen to a Seagate drive with bad heads making a clicking and knocking sound.

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I gave up on Windows System Restore. Yep, I turned the feature off and replaced it with a freebie I like better. System Restore is a recovery tool built into Windows that backs up and restores the Registry.

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System Restore takes a snapshot of your computer — called a restore point — once a day, as well as before you perform certain tasks, such as installing a new program. If all goes well, you can use a restore point later on to bring your PC back to the state it was in when the snapshot was taken.

You click a restore point and Windows has a hearty, gleeful laugh. I avoid it all with a smart ad blocker— Ad Muncher , a miraculous tool. Then I discovered Readability , a site that reformats any page of text to conform to your reading style.

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You can get a better idea by watching the video. Here are a bunch of the best I found. I want you to download and try the Everything search tool.

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Page 1 2 3 4 newer. The disk contains DropStuff 4. Worth archiving an original disk I think. Upgrade to Mac OS 7. In SSW 6 you cannot drag an archive to the Expander icon to extract, you have to navigate to the archive via the Expander's "Open" file menu. With the introduction of this feature, it was also the first version that was named "DropStuff".

DropStuff will only run on Mac OS 7.

Comparison of file archivers

Version: 2. Doubles Your Disk Capacity. We call it Stacker. You may call it magic.

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Install Stacker once, and you never have to think about it again. It's that simple.

2009 v.13.0

So it's not really magic — it's just smart. Its excellent. Compressed using Stuffit 3.

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